Inspire: spring and boutiques

This probably looks sort of random to you, but lately these are the things have been catching my eye...spring colors [of course, I mean, it is spring right?] like kelly and emerald greens, butter yellows, and shades of coral and pink...beautiful abstract art...boutique fronts...color-blocked furniture...and bicycles. :D

What are the things that you've been inspired by this spring?



my 28+ days of sun and sand, part I

Life's been pretty much as fast-paced as I could imagine it to be these past few weeks. After 10+ days with Stef and Ethan in Pennsylvania, I headed down to Tennessee --> Florida --> Tennessee again --> North Carolina with them. [Let's just say, that if they aren't incredibly tired of seeing my face once again this morning, I'll take it that we're best friends for life. ;D

We went swimming.
Hiked mountains.
Witnessed weddings on the beach.
Tried new coffee.
Took pictures [you'll be pleased to know that I actually used my camera some of the time and not just instagram. ;) ]
Painted henna.
Walked [and ran] countless miles on the beach.
Got ourselves some pretty little tans [and sunburns, ahem].
Planned parties.
Admired surfers and kite-boarders.
Consumed entirely too much Starbucks [how does that always seem to happen??].
Oh, and I almost broke my front tooth, but ended up only chipping it a little instead. True, true story. It's kind of sharp now. :)

"I believe in memories //
they look so pretty when I sleep."
|| Jack Johnson, Better Together




These are just a tiny handful of memories to hopefully suffice until I take the time to actually do something with the rest of my pictures. :)



What is going to be will be...


A fresh, new coat of paint on the floor, pretty and colorful linings, and gorgeous sunshine through my [clean!] windows [just overlook the unmade bed, k?] Sometimes it's truly the little things, the little moments, so often overlooked, quickly missed, soon forgotten... That's what life is made of.

I've been reading my way through The Happiness Project and Gretchen's blog, and I'm looking forward to this book in a few months...
Stefanie, Ethan, and David are here for a week-and-a-half. [yay!]
I have to work 30+ hours next week. [boo!]
The weather-man is calling for loads of sunshine coming up...just take a look!
Several of the kiddos have been sick with bronchitis and strep, and I think I'm coming down with something too...I can feel it in my head. [eek!]

Other than that, I'm just endeavouring to be here and enjoy each little moment with my family as much as I can, reminding myself that it is what it is and that what is going to be will be.
I'm still a little mad about all those extra hours next week though. Sheesh.

Off to make myself a cup of coffee, 'cause that just sounds reallllly good right now. :)
♥, Sara