charlotte || today's inspiration...

 Sitting at the airport in Charlotte, NC...
en route to Fayetteville for a little while.
{Eight-hour layovers are no fun.
That's what I get for choosing to be, um, thrifty...
Time is money when you have one and not the other!}
So here I am, sipping some coffee, watching people,
being inspired by the craftiness and artistic genius of others...
wondering just what this week-and-a-half will hold.

Vintage styles, foggy Chicago, clever quotes,
subway-inspired art, moody grays and blues,
simple joy.
These are beautiful and inspiring to me.


sometimes, this is life.

And sometimes, that's ok. :)
I talked to a friend last weekend...
and told him that blogging just wasn't my thing.
And it's not, I'll be pretttty honest.
I'd like to be a writer.
A photographer
A designer-extraordinaire.
A creative, inspiring person.
That'd be pretty much awesome...
But that's not me, and that's ok I guess.
I'm a collector of photos of thousands of things that I'll make someday.
I think pretty thoughts in my head...
and never seem to remember to write them down.
One million things inspire me every single day to be the person I'd like to be...
and I neatly catalogue them for future reference.
Because see me? I'm not like that.
I'm just not amazing like that.
And I'm learning that that's ok.
Not all of us were meant to be fabulous... :)

My problem is that it's all inspiration
and not enough motivation.
And that's going to change.

I want to read this book...because the cover is so very lovely.
Yes, I always judge a book by it's cover, sorry.

I want to wear this and look this awesome in pink and brown.

I want to paint my fingernails just like these ones... 

And yessss. Most days, I can echo this whole-heartedly.
It made me laugh, because I'm very, very clumsy. =)
I want this clock...ever so very badly.

Cinnamon roll pancakes.
Tomorrow morning I'm getting my lazy self out of bed
a little extra early to make some of these for the fam...
and they'll taste as delicious as they look, trust me. :)

{All images found via pinterest...with no direct links to original sources
because I'm not very good at remembering important things like that :)}


debonaire in grey and yellow

One of my favorite color combinations is yellow and grey...
It's really a bummer that I don't look good in yellow.
It's such a lovely, happy color.
Combine those colors with chevron stripes and gelato?
Happy, happy me.
And now, here's to today and 70 degree weather...
Starbucks happy hour and  new flip flops. ;D

As as a side...I'm lovin' my new pc.
I have tickets booked to North Carolina in a couple of weeks.
And these are a few gifts I collected recently for friends...
I love.

{images via anthropologie, decor8, etsy, and pinterest}