Inspire: completely beautiful and random, vol. 1

Simply put, this is just another randomly-curated post of inspiration. A tiny glimpse into what makes me happy, at the moment. Like pretty handwritten fonts, clever books to read, and diy projects...interiors to die for, clothing to wear, and parties to have... it's just all so lovely.





























a letter to me, when i'm a mother.

Hi. See these pictures? These lovely little snapshots of motherhood can never show the totality of what it's really like, what it really means to be a mother. They don't show the overwhelming messes, the tears, the frustration, the whining, the scrapes on the knees and crayon on the wall, the moments when you wonder just how insane you really are. They don't show the thousands of doctor's appointments, and ER-visits, and arguments, and dirty diapers, and spankings you hate but have to give. They'll never show the untold prayers, the countless non-existent hours of sleep, the pleas for safety and protection, the having to let them go.

Instead, these pictures show what it's really all about. That life will never be a candid-perfect photo, but that motherhood is more than you will ever be able to see with your eyes. That the days are so, so long, but the years are far too short. So make the most of them. Give more hugs. Hold more hands. Have more fun. EnjoyEveryMoment. Choose your battles. Talk about life. Do your best. Say I love you. Don't sweat the small stuff. Your children love you more than they'll ever let on... So breathe.

You'll have your ups and downs, but there will never be anything like family. Don't focus on the messy-in-the-middle part, because life is sweeter than you know. Those precious moments spent doing and being with your children are the ones you'll want to remember for the rest of your life.

Someday, maybe, you'll be a mother.
And you'll probably need reminded of all this.
The real beauty of motherhood.

It's a little early yet, but Happy Mother's Day anyway...to the Mom who taught me everything. I love you.