a reason to be glad

I have 14,000 reasons to be happy.
Or I don't know...
Maybe more.

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these days

Are good days.
Beautiful, snowy-white days.
Happy-with-sweet-anticipation days.
20 degrees below zero days.
Flowers and donuts and new baby days.
Weekend-in-the-middle-of-the-week days.
Planning roadtrips with friends days.
Extra coffee and hot-chocolate days.
Oh yes, these days.

And as a friend reminded me not so many days ago...
These days are good because God is good.
Because God is faithful,
and He faithfully calls us to Himself.

I love how I can write something exactly like that in my journal,
which I did months ago...
But when someone else says it,
it's beautiful and completely new to me.

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sweet {baby} love

Spencer Josiah
Baby eleven
born January 23, 2011
6 lbs, 15 oz.
Cuter than a button...
and so worth the wait
Sweet, sweet baby love


marshmallow love

One day...
I went exploring.
And just-so-happened to stumble upon French Larkspur...
A lovely, lovely place to dream of French perfection.
While I was there...
I read about a perfect way to spend an evening.
{You can tell we're just a little obsessed, can't you?}

So, of course.  I had to give the recipe a try...
And it was bliss.
But they didn't last very long.
So I made some more.

And now that I've stumbled upon even more delightful-marshmallow-inspiration...
I'll have to make even more.
If your not entirely convinced that you really, really want to make
some snowy-white perfection for yourself...
Let these inspire you.

Marshmallows are the very best

They're even better turned into such eye-
candy as these Valentine's Day Smores

i {heart}

Today is a special day.
A little Spencer-boy is arriving very, very soon.
And the rest of us kiddos are hanging at home...
Watching old movies.
Eating ice cream.
And home-made marshmallows.
Enjoying this Saturday.
In love with life and love.

{Whimsical ink illustrations by Virginia Kraljevic //
All other images via weheartit}


take to the sky

                                                                 shipwrecked in a sea of faces, there's a dreamy world up there...

i love the sky.
to me, it is one of the most ahh-mazing features of God's creation.
and Alicia Bock has captured it beautifully.

"the heavens declare the glory of God;
the skies proclaim the work of his hands."
- psalm 19:1

first snowfall

Today: is a perfect winter-wonderland.
Never mind that it's too cold and windy to actually go outside and enjoy it...
I'm grateful to live where I can enjoy the fulness of each season.
The perfect creation of the Father.
And this one?  Inspires me.
In soooo many ways.

Who doesn't love home-made marshmallows dipped in chocolate?
Or glistening snow-crystals on the frozen ground?
Skating, and sledding, and snow angels?
A perfect excuse to curl up with coffee and a good book?

Of course.
I won't deny that I'm longing for summer-days, but Winter...

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Emily Cummings Photography

 I admit I've never been to Chicago.  Close, but never really there.
Maybe it's just me, but there's something about that city that seems...almost...magical.
 I love Etsy's Pounce feature that allows you to discover new shops.
Today I stumbled upon Emily Cummings Photography
via her lovely little store, Ten Little Bluebirds.
And I fell in love.
Maybe it's the colors?  Or the almost-could-be-European vibe?
Or just the sweet thought of a photographer capturing a city
in such a charming, romantic way?
Maybe it's all of the above.
And I think maybe I should visit in person.


We heart Sundance big-time.  And we couldn't have been more thrilled when their newest collection of sunny, bohemian-inspired clothing and decor arrived to give as a hopeful glimpse of summertime in our mailbox.  And, of course, we loved it all.

Here's to roadtrips, mountain views,
sun-dyed hair, and long, warm, summer-days...
And folks like Sundance who make our wintertime dreams
of those summer-days more pleasant than ever.


Annie Brooks

We couldn't resist sharing one of our favorite artists with you.
Annie inspires us.
She's beautiful.  She loves Jesus.
And her personal style is simply ahh-mazing.
Everything about her music evokes the image
we hope to communicate to others.
And who wouldn't admit that this is the. cutest. video. ever?

And, of course, there's even more on Annie's website and blog.


Irene Suchocki's photography always leaves me breathless.
each photo is a delight and inspiration.
here are just a few of my favorites...
wishing for more?
check out her fabulous site here.


scavenger hunt

Welcome to our newest endeavour...our scavenger hunt if it can be so called.
scavenger // {one who seeks or looks through discarded items in the hope of finding something usable; a collector of junk}

hunt // {to seek, search, or pursue; a quest}

This is it.  Our humble blog of inspiration.
For projects.  For parties.
For DIY-ing and up-cycling.
For keeping up with all the prettiness we come across in our lovely quest of designing // styling // collecting // crafting // re-purposing // making lovely things // being authentic // loving Jesus.
Because this is what makes us happy.
{yes, we crush on Sweden and like free translations.}