{tiffany} blue and grey

I love, love, love pinterest, can you tell?
Today...I accomplished nothing.
Oh, I did a little bit of spring cleaning here and there
{but just a little...
motivation hasn't altogether struck me just yet}...
And I did manage to make some dee-licious brownies
{and my thighs are now very angry with me...
I only had two though, I promise!}...
And I was inspired to up-cycle some of my oldish jewelry
{truly I thrive on inspiration}...
Tiffany & Co silver bracelet + aqua-ish embroidery thread
= perfection in my book.
Today I had the day off of work...and I realized...
only six more days of work until I fly away to Tennessee.
For eight beautiful, sun-soaked, memory-filled days.
I cannot possibly even wait, can I?
Stefanie will get to see her beloved Ethan,
and I'll get a tan.
It's definitely a win-win. ;D
Today...I found out that my bestie Faithie is courting...{!!}
And I'm happy for her, truly.
Everyone is twitterpated in the spring.
Except me...
but I seem to always be the exception. ;D


Shop Ruche // Spring Lookbook [2]

As I've surely said before...
I'm so very, very much in love
with all things Ruche this Spring.
The second photo above is what inspired Stef
to choose her wedding color scheme.
Coral, pool, plum, and buttercream-yellow. Yes'm.
A real vintage summer picnic.

A date has been set. 
Dresses have been ordered from here and here.
But there's so very much more to think about and plan...
It's going to be a wonderful summer.


happiness = balloons

Today...we're so happy.
And balloons...make us even happier.
If there are two trivial things in this world
that make us the happiest,
it would definitely be cupcakes and balloons, I think.
But you probably already knew that, didn't you?

We're grateful today for a faithful God.
Who truly gives His children their heart's desires.