i {heart}

Today I so, sooo love this letterpressed card from Egg Press.
It's probably one of my fave cards ever.
{And if you know me, you know I love me some lovely cards.}
I received a letterpress as a gift a couple of years ago,
but {dare I admit it??} I've hardly even touched it yet.
Maybe I'm too busy...a li'l nervous...
or just a bit too overwhelmed by all the other letterpressed
gorgeousness out there to attempt to create
something beautiful all on my own.
This simple, perfect card inspires me all over again though.


of sledding and snow

[1] Just spent the last few hours sledding
and sipping hot cocoa with friends.
Two families//twenty-seven people
//ten years of memories together.
We always have lots of fun.

[2] It's officially been an entire year
since I've updated my FB status.
Oh yes, I'm sooo dedicated. ;D

[3] $30 in Starbucks giftcards
makes for a very happy me.
I love Swagbucks.

{Images via weheartit}



 The long-anticipated BHLDN
is finally, finally here...
Impressing even those who expected the absolute best.
Pronounced {beholden},
designed with detail upon detail,
we are so very much in love.


sweetest day

Beautiful Sunday...
I think I'll keep you.
Because you're only one day from tomorrow,
the sweetest day of the year.
And you make me happy
because I have the day off from work...
{and I looove those days, you know}.
Oh, and I love cupcakes.
Did you know that??
Someday...I'm opening a cupcake cafe.
Oh, I have been sooo blessed.

{Stef and her steal-of-a-deal Nine West shoes // Cupcake image via greylikesweddings}


Shop Ruche // Spring Lookbook

 Ruche will forever be a favorite of ours.
Their style is beautiful, feminine, and dreamy.
We love the styling of their Spring collection,
so we couldn't help but share a peek with you.
Check out the rest of their Spring Lookbook
{and past Lookbooks as well...you will surely want to}


ohh coffee

At Starbucks.
In Pittsburgh.
With the sisters.
Ready for an afternoon of shopping,
perfume sampling,
and more coffee.
Ohhh, fun.


Garnet Hill

I've alllllways loved Garnet Hill.
Like, always.
 And here are a few favorites that I'm loving right now.
Of course, there's ever so much more...
but I couldn't post them all.
So you'll just have to check it all out for yourself, okay?
I don't know...
but I think I could definitely spend every day of my life in those clothes.
How about you?


shoe love

Today...we bought some more of these.
Mostly because we're in love with them.
They're ever so comfy...
And pretty rad too.
Oh, and they were almost 50% off.
Can't beat that, can you?  No, we didn't think so either.

 This time around I bought red.
Because I looooove red.
And it's almost Valentine's Day.
And they're just too cool.  Really.
 And Stef bought burlap.
{Those are my very, very favorite...
I would have bought those ones too, but
I already have some ;D}
Stef's feet will look cute in burlap, I think.

Our favorite. Ever.
Next time around?
I think we might go for grey.

{All images via weheartit}