Inspire: valentine

Tomorrow is Valentine's day, so my idea of celebrating is sharing a few glimpses of my curated collection of heart + pink & red + happy valentines photos with you... :)  I don't really go all out when it comes to decorating for Valentine's day, but if anything could inspire me to do so, these photos certainly would. I think I may just try a couple of them too... :) Might I add that the icebox cake below looks positively divine, and what I wouldn't give to have that dress at the very bottom! ;) See anything that strikes your fancy?


♥, Sara


S.E.H. said...

I'm lovin' the chalkboard over the table idea... oh, and heart shaped pancakes - I can imagine that they taste SO much better than regular old round ones! ;) Happy V. Day <3<3

p.s. I'm thinking about getting my cricut out today... so much inspiation... so little time!

mrs. rodgers said...

Ok, the card with the hearts stitched together is TOO CUTE! And i would get ridiculously fat from the icebox cake. Oh, one last thing, that gorgeous glittery green belt... positively ADORE.

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