Some days I can totally relate. ^^ :)
Today, while looking for something entirely unrelated to any of these pictures, I spent a long time pouring over a big box of memories of my time living in Indianapolis... like leaves with notes written on them from friends, well-worn pages of music our ensemble sang at a Christmas Conference, a mini-scrapbook of EQUIP days--particularly these photos of us gals leaving for a Journey to the Heart [we were just so thrilled to be out of blue and khaki for a day!], a 1950's dinner menu, and Chef's amazing chocolate chip cookie recipe [you can just barely see where I priced the ingredients on the left of the recipe..it cost me $5.65 for milk and cookies for my team that day. Chocolate chip cookies are ex.pen.sive!]

I pretty much never threw away anything. :)

And then there's that sudden inspirational moment when you want to do some-thing ultra crafty. Like watercolor paint with the kiddos' paint, which I turned into simple valentines for my family... Life is never dull. :)


♥, Sara

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