This day was one of those bittersweet ones...sweet because it was such a full and lovely day, and rather bitter because it was the last day off of work for me, and I just loved my mini-vacation ever so very much. :) It doesn't help at all that I highly dislike [read: hate] my current job as a waitress either. Someday I'll have a job that I love and am passionate about...one where work = play for me...then I won't ever have to worry about things like having to go back to work again, right? :)

Magazines are handy little things for introducing me to new and beautiful places that I otherwise would probably never even knew existed. Like homespun | modern handmade. Why wasn't this uncommonly quirky, genius place around when I lived in Indianapolis I'd really like to know! I love the aesthetic and overall idea of the place more than any of the individual products for sale, but it kind of looks like something I'd dream up, doesn't it?

And I'm really looking forward to M. Ward's new album, Wasteland Companion...available April 10th. Something else to looking forward to! :)

♥, Sara

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