"Arise my love, my lovely one come,
Winter is past, and the rains are gone.
The flowers appear, it's the season of song,
My beautiful one, arise and come with me.
Who is it that appears like the dawn?
As fair as the moon, as bright as the sun?
Show me your face, let me hear your voice.
My beautiful one, arise and come with me.
Set me like a seal on your heart,
For love is unyielding as the grave,
The flash of it is a jealous fire,
No flood can quench,
For love is as strong as death." || Michael Card

Today was THE wedding day! I woke up extra early, making sure I had plenty of time to shower and keep my hair curly, make cinnamon rolls, help get everyone else ready, fix Suzi's hair...and make it to the church by 9:30am! It was a beautiful wedding... You can read a little more about it here and here. :) I'm so glad I was able to be a part of it all and help Kate.  Even if it wasn't at all to my own style or taste, it was still beautiful, because it was a reflection of Kate, and we share so many years of memories together... I'm so happy for her and Jeff. :)

♥, Sara

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