Today was spent decorating the reception hall for my friend Kate's upcoming wedding this Saturday... We prepared for 275 people...I was mostly responsible for decorating the head table, cake table, and entryway with lace and lights and ivy... It was fun, even though I had an awful headache all day. :) Must have been my coffee deprivation, 'cause I craved it all day long. ;)
[And for the record, I didn't start drinking before it was cool...but I didn't start drinking it because it was cool either...and I don't drink it now because it's the cool thing to do. I just like it, that's why.]

Then while Mom and Suzi went to Erie, I watched all the kiddos at home and made pancakes for supper. [Those pancakes I made the other day were really so good, I just had to make some more of them!]...

I'm loving this song by Tim Meyers. It really is a beautiful world...
♥, Sara

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