"Lord God Almighty,
thy understanding is unsearchable and infinite,
thy arm cannot be stayed...
all works hang on thy care,
with thee time is a present now...
Thus may my soul rest in thee...
revealed as thou art in the Person
and work of thy Son..." || The Valley of Vision

Fridays are bake-something-sweet-and-warm-to-eat days, so I baked chocolate chip cookies. :) Fridays are also clean-up-the-house days because we give sewing and crochet lessons in the afternoons..., so I cleaned! After lessons were finished for the day I attempted to make Pioneer Woman's perfect iced coffees...and then spent the evening at Josh and Suzi's...ready to do a little shopping tomorrow! Yay!

I [ahem] didn't take any pictures today, so how about a few inspiring photos instead? They make me happy... [sorry, no credits...because I'm bad about that, and no one who's too particular about proper crediting will read this anyway, so I'm not letting it bother me!]

♥ Sara

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mrs. rodgers said...

I am SO in love with the gold cake and the yellow chevron curtains in that baby room. <3

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