"That which I know not, teach thou me...
Make practical upon my heart the Father's love
as thou hast revealed it in the Scriptures...
Thy office is to teach me to draw near to Christ
with a pure heart,
steadfastly persuaded of faith.
Let me never falter in this way." || The Valley of Vision

Desperate for the sun, pastels, salt water, sandals, and a reason to drink something cold...I created this inspiration board to remind me that it won't always be winter. :) Stefanie, Ethan, and the awesome Rodgers family invited me to join them on their Key West family vacation in April. [Umm, to say I'm stoked is an obvious understatement.] April can not come soon enough for me! :)

I'm still learning to remember to take at least one picture every single day. It doesn't always happen...like today. :( Hence, the lovely inspiration board, which is way more fun to look at anyway!
But today was another quiet Sunday...I love Sundays.

♥ Sara

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