"When thou dost first hover over chaos,
order came to birth,
beauty robed the world, fruitfulness sprang forth.
Move, I pray thee, upon my disordered heart...
Take of the things of Christ and show them to my soul;
Through thee may I daily learn more of his love,
grace, compassion, faithfulness, beauty...
Help me to find in his death the reality
and immensity of his love." || The Valley of Vision

I had a hard time getting out of bed this morning...mostly because being snuggled under several blankets was so much warmer than being outside of the bed, and I've had such a hard time lately staying warm in our little house...it's been so cold lately. The wood stoves just can't keep up! Then I took the boys to a sled-riding party for a few hours [It's cold in the house, right? Well, it's ever so much more bitterly cold outdoors in the snow and wind!!]...

I loosely curled my hair with a straightener today for the first time ever. And I'm really, really tempted to buy some sea salt spray...just to see if it really gives that awesome salt-water texture to hair that they claim it does. Most likely not, but it'd be fun to give it a try anyway! After today I think I'm more than a little bit desperate for summer, and everything that reminds me of it!

I'm pretty much obsessed with Pioneer Woman. Ree's blog is one of the only blogs that IABSOLUTELYMUSTREADEVERYSINGLEDAY. Maybe it's because she and I are about as opposite as they come. Or maybe because her recipes are hands down about the best there ever was or will be? Well, this evening I made her sour cream pancakes from her cookbook [closest copy I could find since Ree doesn't have the recipe on her blog]. And they were good. And I ate too many of them. And I don't even like pancakes.

♥ Sara

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