"O my forgetful soul,
awake from thy wandering dream;
turn from chasing vanities,
look inward, forward, upward,
view thyself, reflect upon thyself,
who and what thou art, why here,
what thou must soon be...
O God...bring me to a happy mind that rests in thee,
for thou hast made me and canst not forget me.
Let thy Spirit teach me the vital lessons of Christ,
for I am slow to learn..." || The Valley of Vision

Today was my sweet niece Becca's fifth birthday, as well as my itty, bitty baby brother Spencer's first birthday. To celebrate, we made the absolute best cupcakes ever, ever. And ever. Most cupcakes are overrated, but not these. These were topped with the most amazing whipped chocolate ganache...and no joke, I could have [not-so-guiltily] eaten it by the spoonful alllll day long.

"In the depth of winter,
I finally learned that within me
there lay an invincible summer."
|| Albert Camus

That's my challenge to myself today...to be awake and choose summer-time's happiness now. It's only circumstantial if I'm focused on myself. But when I'm focused on Christ, resting in Him...no amount of winter monotony can rob me of joy. :)

♥ Sara

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