"Thou hast helped me to see and know Christ,
though obscurely,
to take him, receive him,
to possess him, love him,
to bless him in my heart...
to seek and know his will from love,
to hold it in love,
and daily care for and keep this state of heart." || The Valley of Vision

I realize that my days are perhaps not always very interesting, that I sometimes forget to take any pictures while it's still morning-time [oops!], and that I'm usually a couple or more days behind schedule in blogging...because there's usually a dozen other things I'd rather be doing [definitely my own fault, there's no good excuse!]. ;) Today I worked nine hours at the restaurant, and I didn't seem to accomplish anything beyond that. Waking up, I felt worlds better than I had the previous day, but I still wasn't at all motivated to do anything [except get ready for work, because that had to be done!].

A little burst of sunshine on a bitterly cold, winter day...

♥ Sara

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