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gorgeous enough weather for the lake in March? i'll take it please.
After a long and unintentional break from blogging, I'd thought I'd quickly pop on...just so I don't happen to lose the small and faithful following that I have. ;) I think it's been the nice weather and overwhelming-busyness of life, but I haven't been the only one to cut back on some major computer time and spend a whole lot more of it outside, so I don't feel bad about it at all!

Really though, this weather's been insanely awesome. 80 degrees? In March? We've already visited the lake, and I already have a tan, and it's barely Spring. That really is incredible.

the sunrises have been spectacular lately,
as you can see through the fog and trees outside my window.
Just a handful of blogs that I've enjoyed reading lately... taza-and-husband, the daybook, good women project, jenny-b.
Stefanie and Ethan [and David!] will be here in SIX days. Yay!
I'll be leaving for Florida in just over two weeks. Super-yay! ;)
I'll be finished with waitressing in just five or six more work-days. I can't. even. believe. it. That excites me most of all!
I went shopping in Pittsburgh with Suzi this last weekend, and bought this little thing. It's really so much more adorable in person than online, believe me. And when all was said and done, it only cost me $19. I think I'll pair it with this dress [in coral] for Easter next Sunday. What do you think?

panera-dates with iced chai lattes...mmm, my favorite.
Well, with all of that said, it's back to real-life Monday for me...where the weather has decided to turn on me and be all cold and rainy and typical again, where I have to get some laundry washed, and make some phone calls, and get ready for work, and... can it just be the weekend again already? ;) Until next time, which won't be as long as this time...I hope...

♥, Sara 

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