Simplicity and an ending.

"Simplicity is the ultimate
form of sophistication."
|| Leonardo di Vinci

I've been thinking of this for quite awhile now...but never so seriously as when I woke up this morning, realized that I had 10+ days of blogging to catch up on, and decided that...I wouldn't. It was a great, albeit unrealistic idea to blog about my life every single day. But it's taken all the fun out of blogging, so I won't do it anymore. I made it through 61 days [hooray!], and I'll still continue to blog...just not everyday. And I kind of like my blog being a little less about my own day-to-day and a little more inspiration. I'll still post my instagram pics, or photos of me whenever I happen to take any ;) And if anything really important or so-interesting-that-it-HAS-to-be-said-on-here happens, I'll write about that too... Otherwise, I'll post what inspires me whenever I'm feeling inspired! :)

Sorry to disappoint anyone, but I've really been thinking a lot about de-teching my life and rediscovering simplicity. You know, make the final jump from Facebook, [even considering selling my iPod!], tightly-curate my wardrobe and things I own, watch more sunrises, read more books, embrace life outdoors, sew more of my own clothing, bake more bread, read more books to the kiddos...that sort of thing.

A blog that I love for it's beauty, inspiration, and the best kind of simplicity is andrewandcarissa.com You should really, really check it out. It's far more interesting than this one! :)

♥, Sara

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S.E.H. said...

love the glass jar pantry idea- SO cool.

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