61. | Inspire: peach & mint

“A man is never so truly and intensely himself
as when he is most possessed by God.
It is impossible to say where,
in the spiritual life,
the human will leaves off
and divine grace begins.” || William Ralph Inge

Once upon a time I had a lovely little post all prettily written about my love-affair with all things peach and mint... Then one evening I had a mind to edit a small portion of it, but after I clicked "update," would you believe it? It wasn't there. No pictures. No words. Nothing. It was all gone. My heart was broken and I cried myself to sleep. The end.

Actually it wasn't quite the end, because in the morning I decided to pull the remaining pieces of myself all back together again and rewrite the peach & mint post because this little blog just wouldn't be complete without it and I love all things peach and mint so much that it would be more than worth it to collect pictures all over again...[whew! that was a mouthful!]...except this time it might not look exactly the same, because for the life of me I cannot remember what all I had written. :\ So without further ado, the peach & mint, take 2. :) .....











The one thing I DO remember writing about is this ring...because it's so beautiful and I could never forget it even if I tried, and I would never even want to try. :) It's a rose gold, halo-cut, peach-champagne sapphire...and since I don't know very much about rings, that's all I know about it! For years I could never quite determine the style of ring that I loved most, but folks, this one's it. So if someday anyone has a mind to buy me an engagement ring, you know what to look for. ;)

♥, Sara


S.E.H. said...

SO much to love here! Were did you find the blue polka dot skirt? And the scarf on the hanger? I'll admit, I was a little disappointed when this post came to an end... loved looking through all the peach and minty lovliness!

Sara said...

I know...I could post things like this allll day long, if I had half the time to do so. ;) The scarf is from reveriemarket.com, but can't seem to find it for sale anymore. :( And the skirt is thrifted [bummer!] by sundaycrossbow.blogspot.com... wish I could have it though!

mrs. rodgers said...

love, love, LOVE this post! so much prettiness... my head is spinning.

mrs. rodgers said...

p.s. i would so love to travel across the country in that darling little camper.

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