“Saving faith is the heartfelt conviction
not only that Christ is reliable,
but also that he is desirable.
It is the confidence that he
will come through with his promises
and that what he promises
is more to be desired than all the world.” || John Piper

This cold, sunny morning was made just a tiny bit brighter by Anthro's new March catalog, which I love... This morning I made chocolate chip cookies and I designed and had printed these postcards...for an open-house in a few weeks. :) The part I loved the most was saving nearly $30 on the final prints...Yes, thank you Minted...you made my day.
And I'm kind of just a litttttle bit excited about Ethan coming home tomorrow. I was [this] close to buying a plane ticket to North Carolina for two days, just so I could welcome him home in person...And I would have, if I didn't have a few days of work that interfered with my awesome travel plans. ;) Such is life.

♥, Sara

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S.E.H. said...

I love the postcard!! Way to go on the savings! Oh, and haven't looked at antho's new catalog yet.. will do asap. ;)

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