True to my promise, I'm entirely caught up-to-date with blogging [cue one enormous sigh of relief...I can finally sleep in peace! ;) ] This morning I woke up positively craving an iced chai tea latte...but I couldn't have one, so I just drank some water instead. :\ Today was a laid-back, cozy in front of the fire while spending half the day away on my computer sort of day [catching up on blogging, of course!]. :)

I'm not quite sure what it is about this song that I just love...but I sure do love it. I've listened to it a thousand times... And here are a couple more inspiring images for today, because I was entirely too lazy to take any pictures of my own. :)

I'll never get over my obsession of open-shelving in a kitchen.

Or lovely pops of bright color...

Pretty invitations from Minted that I just adore...

An absolutely gorgeous dress, that I can't remember where I found it,
but it's beautiful anyway, and only cost about $3000. ;) Honest.

That's it for today...more excitement tomorrow, maybe? :)
♥, Sara

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