"Thou God of all grace,
Thou hast given me a Saviour,
produce in me a faith to live by Him,
to make Him all my desire,
all my hope,
all my glory." || The Valley of Vision

Today was a day for a random collection of photos...for sunsets to set the sky on fire...for magically moonlit nights, as seen through the ice on my windowpane...and for hair in a messy bun. Let's pretend for a moment that you can't see that thin spot of hair on my head or the toilet paper in the background, okay? [ahem.] :)

This morning I was making a mental list of all the things that I had to look forward to in the next couple of months [there aren't too many yet, but the list is slowly growing]. I LOVE having something to look forward to...I thrive on it. Anticipation is sort of a key to my daily happiness [not JOY, mind you...that's something completely different that comes by being in the presence of God and isn't at all circumstantial...like happiness is.]. It makes my future seem a wee bit brighter. I get myself through a day's work by thinking of some happy thing I have to look forward to on my return home...I get myself through the despondency of winter by looking forward to springtime-happiness. Sometimes even having the smallest thing to look forward to helps you let go of one thing in order to embrace another. There's great happiness in anticipation, so here's a small and hopefully growing list of Things I Have To Look Forward To >>

melting snow and warmer weather
The Vow [in theatres tomorrow, yay!]
Ethan coming home
planning an open-house party for Stefanie and Ethan [did you hear that? a paaartay!]
a road trip to Florida and North Carolina
a reason to drink something cold
highlights in my hair
packing away all of my winter clothes
redecorating my bedroom
new life [flowers! green! spring!] to photograph

What else can you think of to add to the list? Go ahead. I don't hate comments, so leave a comment and name something you're most looking forward to! ;)

Apricot ginger tea + agave is a new favorite. :)
♥, Sara

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Somanyblessings said...

I'm looking forwrd to having ALL of our family together!!!

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