"I'd rather have roses on my table
than diamonds on my neck." || Emma Goldman

I love flowers.
Nothing says "I really, really love you" like flowers to me.
Lovely, cheery, red, surprise flowers.
Flowers that you insisted that your sister buy for herself
because they're so beautiful...and she in turn surprises you
with them by leaving them on your dresser to find
when you come home from work.
When I saw them, I cried.

I told her earlier today that it was sort of hard to go through yet another Valentine's day with no one to even consider giving you flowers...especially when every other adult in the family has a special, significant other to bless with pretty valentines. I was pitying myself, that's all.  Feeling sorry that I didn't seem special enough to anyone. I forget sometimes that I'm not really single, I'm part of a family. A family that loves me so much more than I'll ever deserve. And I'm grateful for sisters who look past all the undeserving ugliness in me and put flowers on my dresser... Thanks, Suzi. 

I worked for a few hours this evening...for the first 2 hours, I waited on 36 people. That's kind of a lot. And for the remainder of my time at work, not a single customer walked through the door. Three hours of nothing, so the girls and I cleaned everything that didn't even need to be cleaned, just so we could keep ourselves busy doing something... Some days are just like that though. :)
♥, Sara

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