Wow. Okay, bear with me for a moment... I'm such a terrible blogger that I'm now so far behind [read: 9-10 days behind] that it's almost overwhelming to try and even catch up. [It's actually Feb. 7th, but I'm posting this as Jan. 30th, because, well, that's what I'm supposed to do, right? :) ] Sometimes I just get so caught up in observing and doing life that blogging loses it's appeal. But I want to keep doing it, so I press forward, even if I do have almost two weeks to catch up on! Tell me you forgive me? Okay, good.

I also realize that my pictures are pretty much awful, and that my writing could use some help. But then, I constantly compare myself to others...prettier blogs, better photos, more adventures and happy moments and comments [I mean, 1K - 40K+ comments on a single post, really?]...and doing so just shows me how very unwise I am. Because, this little blog of mine, if nothing else, is real. It's real life. It's what the blog of an ordinary, uncommon girl looks like who can't seem to figure out how to get her slr camera to take the photo she sees in her head and who doesn't have the time of day to type out pretty, inspiring essays ever, let alone every single day...

So here's to being real, choosing to stop comparing myself, and not trying to be as awesome as all those other blogs. :)

On another note, I had the day off of work today, so spent my time catching up on things around the house. I came across this 7-day water detox today and would love to give it a try...You just mix and drink each day for seven days: 60 oz. water, 1 TB pure cranberry juice, 2 TB lemon juice, and 1 dandelion root tea bag. Sounds easy, no? I'll let you know if I ever actually try it! ;)

I talk a lot about breaking tradition when it comes to weddings and showers...how are these for fun, non-traditional wedding reception ideas? Love.

♥, Sara


S.E.H. said...

Could you imagine?! I actually can not. ;) Soo lovely. And those games? I'm thinking.. can I plan your bridal shower someday? {pleeease?}

Sara said...

If I ever actually have need of a bridal shower, then absolutely! You'd make sure it was amazing, I know! :) And I can tell you all my splendid ideas... ;)

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