This morning I awoke to snow...and lots of it! About 10+ inches, and oh, that made me happy... Even though I'm already counting down the days until Spring [okay, Summer?], we've had such a mild Winter, that I couldn't help but be happy that we finally accumulated some snow. :)

Today was really kind of a crazy day. I worked at the restaurant for nine and a half hours, personally waiting on 78+ people. The customer per hour ratio wasn't too extraordinary, but considering that for a couple of hours it was just the cook and I working, and then for the next five it happened to be just one more waitress + myself...yeah. It really was kiiiiind of crazy. And even my knees were killing me by the time I made it back home!

At one point today, while it was just little ol' me working at the restaurant, I really felt like I couldn't handle it any more [you know...that moment when you have two tables you need to take orders for, another table to take drinks to, and yet another to make some salads for...you have several tubs of dishes that need to be washed up, and coffee to be ground and brewed...the kitchen just messed up one table's order, and the phone's been ringing off the hook...the door opens and another couple enters and seats themselves at a dirty table, and the phone rings for a delivery order...and of course they want to ask you a thousand questions and be oh-so-picky about everything they want to order...and....well, that kind of day]...I was reminded to just be calm. God was still sovereign, I wasn't going to be fired [no matter how much I seemed to mess everything up!], and everything was going to be okay. Sometimes a quick prayer, a deep breath, and a glass of chocolate milk works wonders to still an overly-excited/agitated/anxious soul. ;)

♥ Sara

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