I worked this morning at the 'straunt from 8-2pm. I love having a reason to be out-and-about earlier in the day than usual, because then I can see the sunrise...and this morning the sunrise was about as pretty as they come, coloring the sky and the snow so many gorgeous shades of purples and pinks. Everyone was talking about how lovely the sunrise was this morning...

And true to beautiful, pink + purple, rosy sunrises...remember all that lovely snow that melted away the other day due to the winter rain? Well, we got it all back again, thanks to today's blizzard. While driving home from work, I really doubted whether I'd arrive home safely [it's a little obvious that I did though]...the roads were so bad and I could barely see out of the windshield. So yeah, we have a ton of snow again. Typical Pennsylvania.

After work I read to the kiddos [we're so very close to being finished with Little House in the Big Woods, yay!]...and just had a quiet afternoon/evening with them. I like that. Quiet evenings are the best. :)

♥ Sara

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