"All-searching God,
Thou readest the heart,
viewest principles and motives of actions,
seest more defilement in my duties
than I ever saw in any of my sins.
The heavens are not clean in thy sight,
and thou chargest the angels with folly;
I am ready to flee from myself because of my abominations;
Yet thou dost not abhor me
but hast devised means for my return to thee,
and that, by thy Son who died to give me life." || The Valley of Vision

A quiet, lazy sort of Sunday... I really wanted coffee today, but made myself not drink any. I haven't exactly started my caffeine fast yet, I'm just curious to see how long I can go before I get desperate. ;) I worked some more with the porcelain paint today too...more of a TOAST-inspired design this time. I'm kind of having a lot of fun with it, even if the designs are pretty simple. :)

♥ Sara

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