{tiffany} blue and grey

I love, love, love pinterest, can you tell?
Today...I accomplished nothing.
Oh, I did a little bit of spring cleaning here and there
{but just a little...
motivation hasn't altogether struck me just yet}...
And I did manage to make some dee-licious brownies
{and my thighs are now very angry with me...
I only had two though, I promise!}...
And I was inspired to up-cycle some of my oldish jewelry
{truly I thrive on inspiration}...
Tiffany & Co silver bracelet + aqua-ish embroidery thread
= perfection in my book.
Today I had the day off of work...and I realized...
only six more days of work until I fly away to Tennessee.
For eight beautiful, sun-soaked, memory-filled days.
I cannot possibly even wait, can I?
Stefanie will get to see her beloved Ethan,
and I'll get a tan.
It's definitely a win-win. ;D
Today...I found out that my bestie Faithie is courting...{!!}
And I'm happy for her, truly.
Everyone is twitterpated in the spring.
Except me...
but I seem to always be the exception. ;D

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Mary said...

I'm the exception with you on this one ;D But I'm loving rejoicing with all the twitterpated couples!

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