marshmallow love

One day...
I went exploring.
And just-so-happened to stumble upon French Larkspur...
A lovely, lovely place to dream of French perfection.
While I was there...
I read about a perfect way to spend an evening.
{You can tell we're just a little obsessed, can't you?}

So, of course.  I had to give the recipe a try...
And it was bliss.
But they didn't last very long.
So I made some more.

And now that I've stumbled upon even more delightful-marshmallow-inspiration...
I'll have to make even more.
If your not entirely convinced that you really, really want to make
some snowy-white perfection for yourself...
Let these inspire you.

Marshmallows are the very best

They're even better turned into such eye-
candy as these Valentine's Day Smores

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