sunset beauty & baby love

"At sunset nature is painting for us,
day after day, pictures of infinite beauty."
|| John Ruskiin

Last evening I had the opportunity to take a few photos of some of the adorable baby girls in my life...Eva, Abby, and Heidi [and a couple extras, just for fun!]. The setting sun was so delicious, I wanted to eat it all up for dessert! Eva's many silly faces had us all laughing, and all of that extra attention made little Eva even sillier. It was so much fun...and these are just a few of my favorite photographs from the evening.


S.E.H. said...

I LOVE all of them!! You did a great job!

S.E.H. said...

P.S. Could I possibly steal a few of these? I'd give you the credit! ;)Pleease?

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