"The Great Master Gardener,
the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ,
in a wonderful providence,
with his own hand, planted me here,
where by his grace in this part of his vineyard,
I grow; and here I will abide..." || Samuel Rutherford

I love days when I can just spend the day shopping [mostly window shopping, but hey, that still counts!], without a schedule or feeling rushed, or having a mile-long list of things I need. In other words, running errands doesn't count as real shopping. ;) And no shopping trip can be complete without Starbucks...white mochas and iced chai lattes will forever be my favorites. :) I found some quirky, new t-shirts, and a new handbag, and a wallet [yay!]...and a dozen other little things... So I'm very happy, and I've had my shopping fix for another couple of weeks, so I'm good to go! Becca got to ride in her convertible while Suzi and I chatted and sipped our coffee...that cute girl waited so patiently while we shopped just to have a 75-cent ride in the little car. ;) ...

♥, Sara

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S.E.H. said...

Ahh! You DID buy that t-shirt.. I had forgotten. :D

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