Yet thou hast laid help on One that is mighty,
for there is mercy with thee,
and exceeding riches in thy kindness through Jesus.
May I always feel my need of him.
Let thy restored joy be my strength." || The Valley of Vision

Ohhh...today I cleaned, and cleaned, and painted [more!], and cleaned... Preparing for a little party of my mom's tomorrow evening. I worked for 7 hours this evening at the restaurant too...so today was FULL. :)
But Ruche, oh that wonderful boutique, featured their new Spring lookbook today, enchanting us all with their romantic, girly, daydream-inspired styles.

I was going to end with a photo-of-the-day of myself, but after all this prettiness, it wouldn't have been the best way to end this post. It probably would have spoiled the beauty of it. :) So I'll just post it tomorrow instead...

♥, Sara

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S.E.H. said...

This is by far the BEST of ruche!! {maybe prettiest model? well, anywayyy}

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