"O thou, who hast the hearts of all men in thine hands,
form my heart according to the Word,
according to the image of thy Son...
May I read the meltings of thy heart to me...
Thou hast loved me everlastingly, unchangeably,
may I love thee as I am loved..." || The Valley of Vision

Suzi and I spent most of the day running errands and doing a little shopping in Erie... We were mostly looking for wedding-related things for my friend Kate's upcoming wedding [still trying to wrap my mind around the fact that she's getting married!]. I found some lovely bluebird clothes on sale for myself, but opted to buy sweaters for the boys instead...they needed the new clothing far more than I did. :)

I'm not really a coffee addict, but since our closest Starbucks is in Erie, no shopping trip is ever complete without a stop there. :) Of all the many Starbucks I've been in across the country [several dozen, probably?], the little Millcreek one makes the best white mochas, hands down. And I love that they always spell my name right. :)

♥ Sara

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