parties and projects

A few photos from my week...this is what I've been busy with! Minus about a thousand other things, but you know, you can't document everything. :)

Made up a lovely pair of wrist warmers in a coral-blush-pink color. They're gorgeous, and since they cost me absolutely nothing but a couple hours of my time, they're definitely a win.

Hosted a tea party for the twins...I ran out of time and couldn't do everything I had planned on doing, but it went well, and the little guests couldn't stop talking about it!

We ate crème brûlée, and it was delicious...

The tablescape...my favorite part was the tissue paper-tassel-garland in the background
[it only took me six hours to make it...no big deal.]

After the tea party, I hung up the pictures in my bedroom...

We also made lots of cookies!

 And my Christmas tree...just because. :)


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