traveler || the pacific northwest

"Please be a traveler,
and not a tourist.
Try new things,
meet new people,
and look beyond what's right in front of you.
Those are the keys to understanding
this amazing world we live in."
|| Andrew Zimmern

Lately my mind has been wandering again and again to the beauty that is the Pacific Northwest, primarily Washington, Oregon, and Northern California. I'm awed by the rugged glamour and raw beauty of each of these pictures. Simplicity is always on my heart it seems, and the Pacific Northwest just seems to capture that simple, understated, intentional lifestyle that I hope for. Roadtrip, anyone?


Inspire: completely beautiful and random, vol. 2

I'm loving:
brown hair.
my daily cup of extra-hot chai.
the smell of autumn.
Pippi Longstocking.
braids of all kinds.
big smiles.
the words "intentional," "community," and "wanderlust."
Germany and Iceland. And Holland. And Croatia. And Wales.
natural swimming pools.
the 1930's.
ivy grown on buildings.
this cardigan, these shoes.


The Fry kids + Lucy

These are just a few snapshots of cartwheels in the yard and jumping in the pond with the Fry kiddos one evening this past weekend. I sure do love these kids...and their new puppy, Lucy. :)